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Our mission is to prepare all scholars in grades 6-12 to succeed in four-year colleges and professional careers. Learn more about our model and enrollment.


We are looking for talented, dedicated, mission-aligned candidates to work at Jefferson RISE during the planning year and first year of operation.


Your generous support will make a difference. Through donations and volunteering, you will make college readiness a reality for our scholars.

Jefferson RISE News

I am so excited to share our latest victory with you – Jefferson RISE has raised over half of our planning year goal, in just two months!  Today’s calculations put the current total at $159,895 and rising.  Since fundraising began in October, Jefferson RISE has averaged an astonishing $2,251 per day in donations.  Donations made during this time allow Jefferson RISE to hire the best teachers and provide them with the support, training and tools they need for next fall. … read more